The Clipperton Project (TCP) is an educational, art-science project based around participation

and exploration around the world.


TCP is looking for a skipper / adventurer, with a sailing boat, for the Northern Isles part of their

Scottish expedition, this Summer, 2014.




The ideal is 45-60ft sailboat, with owner/skipper. (The least we could work with is 40ft sailboat)


Clipperton can cover fuel, mooring, food etc, plus a small monthly fee for the owner/boat.


May to Sept., or sections within. We can provide crew (except owner/skipper) and the list above.


We also have space for a sponsor on the sail, as seen in this video’ (at around 1min 20secs):



If you think you can help, or would like further info on sponsorship opportunities, please email the Clipperton

director directly;


TCP is a certified Community Interest Company (CIC) in Scotland. As a CIC, we are committed to carrying out

activities the have social and/or environmental objectives. Any profit acquired is automatically reinvested in future project activities.

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