Day one of the Silvers Marine Scottish Series got off to a slightly later start than billed due to light winds.  IRC Class 1 left Gourock at 10.30am and, from the start, Steve Cowie’s Zephyr and Jonathan Anderson and Murray Findlay’s Roxstar made the running.


Conditions seemed to favour the boats which chose to start from the Gourock shore and the other boats which had elected to start from offshore found they had to come back in, which cost them considerable time.


But it wasn’t all plain sailing at the front as Roxstar led Zephyr round the wrong marker, on the wrong course which meant both boats had to go back and get on the right course.


Today was a real hard, tactical day for the IRC Class 1 boats and this, combined with the navigational issues meant that Friday’s racing was much closer than anticipated.


However, the day belonged to Zephyr with Jamie McGarry and Colin Moore in Eala of Rhu who came from behind to take a well deserved second and Jim Dick in Fortuna to clinch third.


In IRC Class 2 Kevin Aitken in Animal goes into tomorrow with a seven minute lead over Neill Sandford’s Now or Never 3 and John Corson in Salamander XXI.


As well as the Clyde Passenger Challenge Race the Sonata and sport boat fleet had four races today.  In the Sigmas it’s very tight at the front with Donald McLaren in Sigmatic followed by Harold Hood in Odyssey II and Roy Summers in Rajah.


And in the Sonatas Murray Caldwell in Red Hot Poker goes into tomorrow with a comfortable ten point lead over Mark Taylor in Saraband and Mark Bradshaw in Mostly Harmless.


Today has seen some very tight racing but there’s one certainty – it’s great to see Scottish Series back on Loch Fyne!

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