The first of four days racing in the Silvers Marine Scottish Series got underway yesterday (Friday 23 May) in what promises to be one of the most intensely fought regattas of the sailing calendar.


In IRC Class 1 Steve Cowie’s Zephyr and Jonathan Anderson and Murray Findlay’s Roxstar took an early lead, with both boats battling for position.  However, an incident later on in the race saw Roxstar leading Zephyr round the wrong marker and both boats had to go back to get back on course.  This navigation issue combined with tactical sailing conditions resulted in racing being much closer than first imagined.  However, the day belonged to Zephyr with Jamie McGarry and Colin Moore in Eala of Rhu who came from a poor start to take second and Jim Dick in Fortuna in third.


In IRC Class 2 Kevin Aitken in Animal goes into Saturday with a seven minute lead over Neill Sandford in Now or Never 3 and Salamander XXI and John Corson in third.


In IRC Class 4 J Dryburgh and R Pilcher’s J70 TJIG IV and the VX One of Tim Ellis T M Racing are tied for first place with the Brenta 24 of Craig Latimer Wildebeest IV hot on their heels.


As we went to press the Sigma class was still out on the water but the day has been won by Donald McLaren in Sigmatic followed by Harold Hood in Odyssey II, a welcome return to this class after many year’s absence, and Roy Summers in Rajah.


In the Sonata class Murray Caldwell in Red Hot Poker goes into the second day leading by ten points over Mark Taylor in Saraband in second and Mark Bradshaw in Mostly Harmless in third.


It has been very close racing for both these classes today with nobody really dominating, which makes for an interesting few days ahead.


Provisional results


IRC Class 1

1:  Zephyr, Steve Cowie, 2: Eala of Rhu, Jamie McGarry and Colin Moore, 3: Fortuna, Jim Dick


IRC Class 2

1:  Animal, Kevin Aitken, 2: Now or Never 3, Neill Sandford, 3: Salamander XXI, John Corson


IRC Class 4

1: TJIG IV, J Dryburgh and R Pilcher,  2: T M Racing, Tim Ellis,  3: Wildebeest IV, Craig Latimer



1:  Sigmatic, Donald McLaren, 2: Odyssey II, Harold Hood, 3: Rajah, Roy Summers



1:  Red Hot Poker, Murray Caldwell, 2: Saraband, Mark Taylor, 3: Mostly Harmless, Mark Bradshaw


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