Checkout the itinerary for The Commonwealth Flotilla 2014,
You can see them coming through the Crinan canal on Wed 23rd July to Portavadie Marina for Wednesday night. Then on Thursday (24th) see them sail through the Kyles of Bute and Argyll’s Secret Coast to be Anchored in Rosthsay bay for the night before heading to James Watt Dock Marina on Friday and finally Saturday the flotilla motors up the Clyde to Glasgow and the Games. All set in the perfect Scottish weather of 10 Kts of wind and 22 degrees of heat. Booooom

Heres some useful links for The Commonwealth Flotilla 2014 and for the cruise in company which is on its way through Argyll as we type. Here’s some useful links the main web site and here’s a link to the boats taking part with live tracking to

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