Marine Blast MultimediaWe’ve got some big news at Marine Blast - to celebrate the 2015 Year of Food and Drink we’re adding two new categories to our Marine App Scotland.  The categories are coastal wifi and food and drink locations.


Add your business to the categories and you’ll get a dot on our map showing everyone just where you are.  If you are not currently on the app, but want to get listed just hit the business listing at and we will contact you to see what other categories you will fit in to promote your business.  But, and this is the important part, even if you are already listed on the app you will need to be added to our new categories.  Just fill in the business listing at and we will do the rest as there may be more categories you can be added to.


Why have we added these categories?  Quite simply because we are leading the way in marine tourism in Scotland and we want as many great businesses as possible to be found quickly and easily.


And, whilst all listings are currently free and have been for two years, we will have a range of payment plans in the near future ranging from £75.00 – £150.00 per year depending on what functionality you need.  However the Marine Blast promise is to always have a free option available too.


So if you’ve got fantastic food and drink and want the sailing community to come and visit or if you have free wifi helping people to connect and spread the word about your business you must get listed.


Check out the iPhone app here and our website at

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