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Scotland’s biggest and fastest growing marine tourism resource has just become an essential download with the addition of two new categories.

The Marine Blast Marine Directory Scotland app has recently added two new categories to its already extensive toolbox – specifically aimed at celebrating Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink.  The categories, Coastal Wifi and Food and Drink 2015 steer sailors to places where they know they can pick up wifi and get great food and drink.  These categories are in addition to the website and app which has seen Marine Blast Multimedia become an industry leader over the last three years.  Serving over 1700 members, the company recently entered into a strategic partnerships with Yachting Life which sees their popular Welcome Anchorages listed on the app.

Marine Blast Multimedia is well placed to deliver these services as both founders, Iain Hurrel and Catriona Craig, have an impressive sailing pedigree. They understand what a sailor needs when at sea and the app has been developed both for the leisure sailor and those in the marine industry.

Iain said, “The app is, of course, there to keep you safe when you’re out on the water.  If you need to find a sail maker or an engineer urgently you can find these at the tap of a screen.  But we also wanted to make it fun and interesting which is why we introduced these new categories.  The west coast of Scotland is a wonderful place to sail and we wanted to highlight interesting and unique places which cater for people on boats.

“Wifi is a big issue and we aim to point our marine tourists to the places where they can pick up a signal.  And, if they can get some great food and drink into the bargain, then they’ll come back again!  There is nowhere like Scotland for food, drink and hospitality and we want to help get this message out to as many people as possible.  That’s why if you are in the marine industry it’s important to make your business visible and the best way is to get listed on the app.”

The Marine Blast Marine Directory Scotland app is available via iTunes, an Android and Windows edition will be released shortly.  You can also visit the website at

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