SavillsAndrew Perrat fresh from his success last weekend sailing ‘Grand Cru’ to victory in the CCC opening muster, is happy to spend the time ashore this weekend to make sure that the 9th Saville’s Kip Regatta, which is the 26th year of the regatta at Kip, is a huge success. Mr Perrat said “We enjoy sponsoring the regatta as it reflects the values of our company in Scotland, I am disappointed not to be sailing but am looking forward to seeing the event from a different angle. I wish all the competitors a successful regatta.”
With a forecast of light winds for Sat of around 3-5 mph variable (every direction) and a strong steady southerly wind 22-30 mph for Sunday it is certainly going to make this year’s Saville’s Kip Regatta an interesting event. With buoyant entries around 35 it is going to be perfect for a pre- Scottish Series tune up regatta. A very strong fleet of Class 1 yachts counting three commodores cup team members will be a hard fought battle and could go any way. Although you have to bet the Mc Garry / Moore, Swan 45, ‘Eala of Rhu’ fresh from a recent training weekend in Holland and rumoured to be on fast mode, it is going to be hard to keep up with them in the light winds of Saturday. But in a fierce coalition of $ Cowie’s’ Zephyr’, Anderson and Findlay’s ‘Roxstar’ and Rod Stewart’s ‘Auroa’ there is not going to be a land slide for any one party this weekend. The well sailed (at times) Warrior has, as has John Stamp’s Jacob J-111 put a spanner in the works before. Predictions: ‘Eala of Rhu’, just if they have a good Saturday and put some distance between ‘Roxstar’, ‘ Auroa’, ‘ Zephyr’ but it is going to be very hard as they are all very well sailed boats looking for early glory without breakages. Plus with all the newly styled keels sail adjustments and re-measurement and sanding to death in the search of zero drag it is really about too many things that could upset a class. This class is harder to predict than a general election, I think I can safely say there will be no land slide in this class for anyone.
Always a tough call with so many good guys in the mix, if it was down to preparation of the boat Neil Sandford’s ‘Now or Never’ could be called out as a winner and a forecast to suit him on both days there should be no reason for him not to shine. However, this class is littered with shiny boats and people who can make a boat go quickly. ‘Sloop John T’ always does well and will set a fast pace in the light weather and with what must be over about 500 years of sailing experience on board they are heading to the winner ‘s enclosure. Serial winners and veteran campaigners ‘Salamander XX1’ is rarely off the pace as is ‘Carmens II’ with Scutt and recently retired A Jefferies now able to devote more time to enjoying himself on and off the boat will be making sure they are in front of Kev and Debbie Aitkin who have the same class of yacht, and have made it go faster this year if reports from the East patch racing are anything to go by. It’ll be tough being chased around by the J-70’s. But I’m going for the Swan 40 for a win over all with Carmen / Salamander in either order
I’m always going to opt for Howard Morrison on this Class, apart from this time. ‘Phoenix’ a little quarter tonner may pull something out the bag and although the pocket rockets such as the J70’s ‘MoJo’ and ‘ Jaw Breaker’ along with the Corby 30 could get a hard slap from ‘Phoenix’ although a much older and fair to say out dated boat have the advantage of Duke Darge, a former youth squad Sailing Genius.After many campaigns Darge still has the gift of tactical genius and knows what makes a boat tick. Although if it blows hard the man with the water proof pipe is dangerous.
With three boats in this class all of which are very well sailed and more than likely matched in many ways, it would be hard to say who the winners might be. With two of the boats being very well prepared and the other one prepared it would be anyone’s game, but if pushed ‘Farr E Nuff ‘given the chance could go the distance. But be aware of ‘Zebidee’ who have the youth and enthusiasm and good sailing to spar well with ‘The Old School’ (Galbraith/McNeish), who are to their merit top of the class.

Sigma 33
I’m not sure of the class splits as yet but if there is going to be a Sigma 33 class im putting everything on Harry Hood sailing Odyessy who is well crewed up I’m told for the weekend with a new tactician who I’m told has never lost a regatta recently and adding in the wizardry of Harry Hood he will be tough man to beat if he’s on form. However, one slip in this class and you’re dead with the like of Last year’s winner Allan Harper in ‘Leaky Roof’ and G Whyte and M Bradshaw breathing down your neck looking for their first kill of the season. Tough Class indeed and one that Ralston / Hood will know well.
Allan Dunnet has got to be fair game sailing his ‘Valhalla of Ashton’ Classic Swan 36 maybe the only boat never to miss a Scottish Series in 41 years. As experience goes he’s at the top of his game and knows he will be a target for others in the class. Contention between Goudie in ‘Cara of Kip’ will push hard to get the big boat like ‘First by Farr’ and ‘StarGazer’ if the wind blows.
White sail
Apple core must be in with a shout in the light stuff and might hold it together in the breeze, a tough match with the big new ‘Black Jack’ J-122 but on its first outing so might be a bit cautious but interesting with the Dehler 41 and ‘St Foy’. Although designed for short handed racing without kites there is no quarter given and it’s just as competitive as the other classes, well maybe?

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