Sailing Scotland mapThe founder of the newly rebranded Sailing Scotland (formerly Marine Blast MultiMedia) is on the crest of a wave this morning (Monday 16 November) as he announced his new open source project for the marine industry.


Having spent the last three years developing multi media platforms specifically aimed at serving the industry, the new Sailing Scotland project allows anyone to feed in and promote their business.  Whether you’re a commercial business, activity provider or tourism group, you can share the mapping information of over 1700 listed marine tourism businesses in Scotland.


Simply by adding a tab to their existing website, any business or event can access the mapping information – without having to navigate away from their own website.  This interactive map is also available as a free download for iPhone users.


As Sailing Scotland’s founder Iain Hurrel explains, having open source material is the next logical step for the company.  He said: “For the last three years we’ve grown the businesses organically.  From a standing start, we’ve become the biggest and fastest growing marine tourism group in Scotland.


“Our passion for mobile has been the biggest driving force behind the business and we now have had over 7,500 downloads.  Our database has 1,700 businesses listed in Scotland, 5,700 in England and Wales, all Northern Ireland’s Malin Waters members are listed with Southern Ireland coming on-line early in 2016.”


He continued: “All our efforts so far have been concentrated on building a robust, user friendly network.  It’s now time to weigh anchor and start marketing our area, and members through our series of web, mobile and social media channels.”


Find out more about Sailing Scotland at

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