Two sailingsScotland’s fastest growing marine tourism resource, has announced a new partnership with London’s biggest Royal Yachting Association (RYA) training associate City Sailing London.  This association puts directly in the heart of the UK’s capital, and at the fingertips of City Sailing London’s clients.
Under the leadership of Paul Brew, a highly experienced skipper and RYA examiner for more than a quarter of a century, City Sailing London provides classroom based RYA courses.  Their use of digital technology in the form of online teaching resources was a perfect fit for the digital technology used in the former Marine Blast Scotland app, now  Paul, who is no stranger to Scottish waters explained why this app technology is such an important resource saying:  “When you’re sailing or planning a trip, you need all the information you can get.  Finding a sailmaker, engineer or just a wifi connection for your kids all in one place, just makes that process so much easier.
“I promote the app to my clients, some of whom are sailing in Scotland for the first time, as an essential piece of kit.  Some people may find some of the ‘must visit’ areas remote, and be a bit reluctant to travel there.  But once I can point out the support network which exists within that area, all of a sudden the location no longer seems inacessible.”’s founder Iain Hurrel explained how the app has quickly established itself as Scotland’s ‘one stop shop for sailing and boating’ saying: “We have always focused on digital and mobile technologies and when we saw the huge volume of traffic which was coming from the London area we had to investigate further.  That’s when we found City Sailing London.
“Our new partnership is an breakthrough and we’re looking forward to welcoming more city sailors to Scottish waters.
Find on iPhone app, and social media.  You can also check them out at their home on the web at or City Sailing London at

Two sailings


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